Thinking of improving your creativity? Think no more!

8 May 2019

The creativity of a person plays a very important role in how they complete a task in their hand. Creativity in all people is different. The creativity of a person is very much dependent on the cognition of the brain. Thus improving the functioning of the brain will help to improve the creativity of the person. So, today this article will focus on ways that will help you improve the creativity of a person. With creativity, anything can be achieved. All our dreams and imagination can be brought to life. So, almost everyone wishes to get a better function brain that will improve creativity in people. So if you too wish to bring your imagination into reality then this is the right blog for. Let us all have a look at all the ways that will help you improve creativity.

Ways to improve creativity

Have you ever seen a kid playing? When you do, you will realize how much creativity lies in each person. All of us are born with some kind of creative instinct. The only thing is that some of us cultivate that talent and others don’t. Also, there are people who do not even realize how creative they are. However, if you know what your creative talent is, then lucky you!! So now that you know your creativity let us look at ways to improve creativity. Following are the factors that will guide you to improve creativity in any person.

Meditation- I would say this is the key to a lot o good things in life. With meditation, you will be able to focus better in everything you do thus helping people to improve creativity. I know there are people who find it difficult to focus and meditate. Such people should try to imagine a ray of light in their mind and try to concentrate on that light. You will notice that with time the power of concentration enhances.

Challenge your brain- as mentioned the creativity of a person is a part of cognition of the brain of the person. Therefore if you improve the cognition of the person the creativity automatically gets a boost up. Thus challenging the brain by solving puzzles, scrabbles, Sudoku and chess can improve the functioning of the brain. This can, therefore, help to enhance creativity in humans.

Use of supplements- yes this too is possible! The use of a smart drug such as the Provigil smart drugis very useful to enhance creativity by targeting the brain of the person. The part of the brain that the medicine usually acts on is the hypothalamus region of the brain. Thus Provigil makes you smarter.

Exercising- it is seen when a person moves or even walks for some time, is seen to have a positive reaction in the brain of the person. Thus it helps the person to have creative thinking. So, whenever you feel stuck or you are not able to come up with anything creative, go out in fresh air for some time. This will instantly open up your mind and enhance creativity.

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