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1 May 2019

Concentration plays a vital role in how a person functions. The success of anything you do depends a lot on how much effort and concentration you have put on the things you do. The attention span of a person is the amount of time a person can spend on doing a task without getting distracted. The concentration of any person is very much dependent on the cognition of the person. Therefore this is a factor that is controlled by the brain of the person. There are many educators and psychologist believes that the ability to focus and sustain attention in anything we do is very important for the achievement of the goal of the person. Therefore it is very important for us to concentrate on everything we do. This will multiply our chances of getting the best result. So this blog emphasizes on ways that will help you have a better concentration.

Ways to have a better concentration

This blog focuses on mastering the attention of a person. Many researches indicate the fact that the people who are able to concentrate on things better and for a longer time, such people are able to perform better in all kinds of activities. So let us look at a few exercises that help people to have a better concentration.

  • Gradually increasing the focus- the best way to excel at anything is by gradually improving at it. If you suddenly try to reach the top and put all the pressure at the same time then it is very important for you to know doing so can only break you down after a few days. Thus the key is to gradually improve the concentration by meditating. Practicing this will also help to keep the mind in control and at peace.
  • Sitting still on a chair- This exercise is very easy. All you have to do is sit on a chair and see how still you can stay. Doing this will make you put all your concentration on sitting still. This will gradually help to improve and give you a better concentration. However to do this exercise you should first be completely relaxed.
  • Fix a grace on a finger- For this, you will have to first sit with your head up and the chin out. Then raise your arm until it has reached on the level with your shoulder. Now fix your gaze on your finger. While doing this try to keep the arm steady. This is a very common way that helps in improving the focus of the person. Thus this exercise is a key to better concentration.
  • Concentrate on opening and closing of fists- For this exercise first move your chair to a table then try to clench your fists and keep the back of your hand on the table. Now you can fix your glance at the fists then slowly move to the thumb. Make sure that you pay attention while doing these steps. After you are done with the first step you can gradually extend your first finger following by your second finger. Keep doing this for a few minutes. Practicing this regularly will help you with better concentration.

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